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Silly. Absolutely silly.


Three weeks ago the ankle of my right food jumped out but I thought I could do sports now.

Well, I did.

45 minutes.

The rest of the time I sat in front of the field and watched my class mates playing basketball.


My ankle jumped out a second time and it still hurts a lot.


I wont do sports next week when my ankle is doing this shit again and again.

Well, I guess I will go to bed now. A little tired and I've got a test tomorrow in school.

16.11.06 21:17

The last two lessons failed so I'm home earlier than normal.

But nevertheless I have to go to sports.

That sucks.


Well, imagine your worst teacher add ten disadvantages and multiply it with 100. THEN you'll get my bloody sport teacher.

So dont be suprised when I'm in a bad mood this evening.

See ya all later...
16.11.06 13:50

It must have been love - Roxette

I really love this song. Calm. Not the kind of music I'm listening to normally and different in some way. <3

15.11.06 19:19

Did you ever had this feeling to go round in circles?
You never come to an end even if you wish for so much.


Sometimes it is like that in dreams. This night I saw the same thing again and again.


I'm really hoping that it will never comes true...

14.11.06 20:59

Sorry, I forgot about to put a link on this homepage. If someone is interested in reading my German Blog you can ask for the password.
There are a lil bit more information... but its in German.

So, here it is:
10.11.06 21:47

Just a German poem for u all. I really like it and its like a mirror to me at the moment.

Es ist, was es ist

Es ist Unsinn
sagt die Vernunft
Es ist was es ist
sagt die Liebe

Es ist Unglück
sagt die Berechnung
Es ist nichts als Schmerz
sagt die Angst
Es ist aussichtslos
sagt die Einsicht
Es ist was es ist
sagt die Liebe

Es ist lächerlich
sagt der Stolz
Es ist leichtsinnig
sagt die Vorsicht
Es ist unmöglich
sagt die Erfahrung
Es ist was es ist
sagt die Liebe

Erich Fried
10.11.06 21:33

20 days then she'll be here.

Dunno why I'm that excited but I'm.

What the hell did I do in physics today!?

Dont wanna know what mark it'll be.
6.11.06 16:29

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